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How to wear statement earrings

The use of earrings is a fun and easy way to jazz up an outfit, but at the same time causes unnecessary stress when needing to select the “RIGHT” pair.

Below are a few simple ways to wear Statement Earrings:


1. Go neutral

An easy way to ease into wearing bold/statement earrings is by pairing it with neutrals such as white or beige.

 Style By Loren wearing curAtiv Florence Earrings


2. Keep it basic

Statement earrings have a personality of their own. By keeping your outfit simple, you allow your statement earrings to standout!

 Style by Loren wearing curAtiv Tokyo Earrings

3. Matchy-Matchy

Pair your statement earrings with an outfit of similar textures or colour scheme. If you are someone that likes to play it safe but wanting to explore new ways of pairing things together, then you should try this.

 Style by Loren wearing curAtiv earrings


4. Go BIG!

There is no harm in going BIG and being bold! The more unusual, the more stylish!


Honestly, I think you should GO BIG and pop on whichever pair of earrings you feel best suits your vibe for the day!


Happy Styling!



This blog was written by the amazing Loren lee Langenhoven from please check out here socials and YouTube.

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Yes! Make a statement every day!

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