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I can only wear gold or silver earrings...

It's something we've heard time and time again, we would like to debunk the myth and get you wearing beautiful statement earrings, all day, everyday pain free.

It's like wearing a badly made pair of high heels

I’ve been left with a bit of a dilemma. I love jewellery - especially fashion jewellery – it’s basically my life! But, all that I can wear is expensive silver or gold earrings! And just in my own opinion, the options out there are quite boring (considering I like to change up my look quite often) and way out of my budget. I so often hear so many people say, “I love those earrings, but I can’t wear them, as my ears get too sore.”

Most people are sensitive to jewellery that is not silver or gold – especially earrings. I know that if I wear a pair of fashion earrings, my ears are red and sore by the end of the day, even if they aren’t that heavy. It’s like wearing a pair of badly made high heels all day. Often I end up taking the earrings off before the day has ended and they get relegated to the back of the cupboard for years to come.

So, why is it so uncomfortable and hurts so much?

Turns out most people are allergic to nickel, which causes most of the problems. Even though most jewellery proudly announces that it confirms nickel free standards, it's actually not nickel free at all! “Nickel free” means that it conforms to European standard for Nickel Free, which means it cannot contain more than .05% Nickel. Although this is a very small amount, the more a person is exposed to nickel, the more the body absorbs and the more resistant the body becomes to it.

Another factor that comes into play when wearing earrings is weight. Heavy earrings can also hurt and stretch the piercing, even if the materials are hypo allergenic.

What can you do about it

Stainless steel earring posts are a great choice for earrings because stainless steel is both sturdy and resistant to corrosion. They do contain alloys, however, the alloys are trapped inside the material through special process so they cannot be released from the metal.

For the most sensitive of ears be on the look out for silver posts on the earrings. Silver is a hypoallergenic metal, meaning that these silver earring posts are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than most other metals. Our fine collection is perfect as well.

The take away from this piece is, make sure that your earrings either have stainless steel or silver posts as this is the part of the item that has most contact with the ear.

When I decided to launch my own range, curAtiv over 3 years, it was extremely important to make sure that this problem was solved so that everybody could enjoy expressing themselves in a beautiful pair of statement earrings, without the pain that is generally associated with them. We can proudly say that we are offering products that allow even those with the most sensitive ears to wear earrings.

 So I hope this little bit of information inspires you to express yourself (without the pain!)

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Interesting blog, good information is provided regarding silver earrings. Was very useful, thanks for sharing the blog.

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Thanks Tanya, this post is so informative!

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