The Top 5 Jewellery Trends For This Summer

If you are wondering how to accessorize your summer look and what the latest trends are out there, look no further. This summer is quite an exciting one for jewellery with the resurgence of classics such as the pearl, done in a modern construction. On the other hand, statement pieces, especially earrings, continue to be a must have in all wardrobes.

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Statement Earrings

If you don’t already own a pair of statement earrings, then it is definitely a worthwhile investment as they are going nowhere. Statement earrings range from XL drops to smaller, more ‘artistic’ pieces this season. You don’t necessarily have to purchase the biggest earring to buy into this trend.

Although tassels are still around, the statement earring has evolved into a variety of looks, incorporating materials such as foil look metals, natural stones, natural fibres such as string and raffia, and resin. What’s really great is that most of these materials are light weight so they don’t end up leaving your ears sore and stretched.

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I have fond memories of pearls. My Gran had the most beautiful earrings and neck pieces mostly made from real pearls. The pearl has always been a classic, but what I love most about this trend is how they have been used in a modern way for a completely new look. Another one of my favorites is the Freshwater Pearl. Each pearl is completely unique and gives the pieces more authenticity. A bonus is that they are also farmed vs the manufactured glass or plastic pearls. Look out for modern styles where they have been incorporated as an element with organic flowing, beaten and unusual metals for a more updated look


Resin has to be one of my favorite trends this season. It’s so diverse and can be done with any kind of texture and colour – from brown, pink and cream tortoise shell to green, mustard and pink marbles – even glitter and foil! We saw the resurgence of tortoise shell in winter, but it continues to trend throughout summer, coming in an array of hues and colours. Resin is used on neckwear, bracelets and earrings in all kinds of applications to add texture and colour


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Sea Shells

Nothing screams summer like seashells and now we have a reason to wear even more of them. They come in plastic, metal and even the real deal. They are used in all sorts of various applications – such as earrings, layered neck wear pieces and even anklets. Pair them with a beautiful straw hat and bag for the perfect look

Assembled Hoop

Although the hoop has always been a real classic and a part of almost everyone’s wardrobe, in winter we saw a real emphasis on the classic hoop – from the small huggie right through to the XXXXL hoop (thank you Cardi B). This season we see the hoop take a new turn. The hoop is now used as an element within an earring and has added charms, such as resin, beads, shells, pearls and metal pieces. It moves more and more away from the classic look and more into a crafted, modern or organic look.



What are your favourite trends this summer? Did we miss anything?

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