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Ways to wear your evening earrings during the day

Fashionistas know that accessorising with jewellery can take an outfit from plain and basic to one that stands out and gets noticed. There are "rules" or guidelines when it comes to selecting the correct jewellery for specific occasions but honestly, there are times we just need to throw the rule book out and take risks to set new trends. "Only dead fish go with the flow". Don't be a dead fish!Here are a few ways you can pair your evening earrings to suit your day time activities. 1. Keep it basicOne way to dress up a basic white tee is by popping on some cool earrings. We’ve paired gold statement earrings with a basic tee and neutral pants in the image below, but you can literally pop...

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The Perfect Christmas Gift

  ACTUALLY! Whether you are shopping for your BFF or your girlfriend, there is no such thing as a perfect gift. The only person who could choose something that your loved one or friend would be 100% happy with, is them. But don’t worry! What really matters is the thought and time that you have put into the gift, and I already know that by reading this article, you really care about this person and you want them to be completely happy when they open their present. So, I am here to help you get as close to perfection as possible. First step to reaching as close to perfection as possible is; don’t wait until the last minute to do...

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Best earrings for your face shape

Often we are told what is trendy and hot for various seasons but left clueless as to what to shop to best suit our bodies, let alone our face shape. But honey, we are here for you! First things first, do you know your face shape?

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