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4 style tips on how to bring your A Game to those Zoom meetings

Working from Home?

No problem!

We’ve got you covered with the best style tips to keep you looking on-trend during those Zoom meetings!

WGSN Data shows that online sales in almost every fashion category have dropped significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK and US, except for fashion jewellery. Jewellery sales remain stable, despite the drop in almost all other fashion categories. What seems to be driving these sales is a demand for more “above keyboard dressing”. Women across the globe still want to look stylish and put together while working remotely and conducting online meetings with their peers, colleagues, and customers.

So here are some style tips on what jewellery to wear to look amazing during your online meetings. Earrings are important as they are the most visible item on the screen, but I’ll also be mentioning a few necklaces too as an alternative to the earring.


Style Tip 1: Hoops

Hoops continue to dominate the fashion scene in all different shapes and sizes. Let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with a hoop! It’s a great classic that adds a bit elegance to any outfit. However, when it comes to a work meeting, don’t go oversized or over the top, otherwise, you may look like you just stepped out of a night club. Add a bit of edge to the outfit by wearing a unique hoop, something that’s eye-catching for its beauty rather than its size.


Caitlin - Troy Dented Hoops - curAtiv

Troy Dented Hoops

Carishma - Athen Curved Hoops - curAtiv

Athens Curved Hoops

Style tip 2: Dress up a plain top with statement earrings

A really easy way to make an impact on camera with very little effort is to throw on a plain black or white shirt or jersey and pair it with a beautiful statement earring. You don’t even need to make sure your shoes (or slippers) match 😊. Don’t be scared to add a little bit of colour too to really make it pop.

StylebyLoren - Eden Asymmetrical Drops - curAtiv

Eden Two Tone Asymmetrical drops

Michelle Perkins - Zaire Resin and Fresh Water Pearl Drops - curAtiv

Zaire resin and freshwater pearl drops

Kelsey Petersen - Verona Petal Drops - curAtiv

Verona Petal drops

Style Tip 3: Pearls

Okay so pearls are not going away, and YAY for that because it’s such a classic look yet we love the new twist it’s been given in fashion jewellery. Pearls can be worn with almost anything and you can either choose a more classic look or opt for a statement earring where the pearl is featured as a center piece. Personally, I love freshwater pearls vs plastic as they are more environmentally friendly and add a little extra uniqueness to pieces. Here are some of my favorites that translate well on screen:

Cait - Hyderabad - curAtiv

Hyderabad Pearl Hoops

Carishma - Catalina Disk Drops with Pearls - curAtiv

Catalina Statement drops

Kelsey - Kent Natural Stone Drops - curAtiv

Kent freshwater and natural stone drops

Style Tip 4: A statement necklace

If you feel like changing your earrings up a bit for something different, then pair a bold statement necklace with a plain shirt or jersey. Bracelets or rings won’t really be seen on a screen so the next best thing to wear other than earrings is a necklace. I would wear either the necklace or the earrings, not both unless your earrings or necklace are simple and delicate like a little diamond stud or a fine chain. I don’t like pairing large earrings with a large necklace. Firstly, it looks too busy and secondly, you can make a statement with one of them, wearing both is just overkill. So here are some of my favorite necklaces that will also kill on those Zoom meetings

Fanele - Singapore Two Tone Neckalce - curAtiv

Singapore Two-Tone necklace

Carishma - Toronto Rose Quartz Necklace - curAtiv

Toronto Rose Quartz necklace

What I’m loving most about these looks is that I can literally wear anything on the bottom – an old pair of jeans, even PJ’s (just don’t stand up!) with my sneakers or slippers. Half the effort for just as much Glam. My earrings also really stand out and people tend to notice them more than if they are looking at the whole picture, so it really gives me the opportunity to express myself through them.

I hope you enjoyed this article and hope to see you all soon on Zoom rocking those statement pieces. If you enjoyed the article, please leave a comment below or share it on your social feed. That would really help me reach more people so that I can continue to provide you with more content like this. 😊





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