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An Interview with Juan William Aria

Juan William Aria

We are so fortunate that in this upside down, topsy-turvy world, old friends have found us and now together, we are making, what we believe (and what our customers are saying)  are the most comfortable, beautiful face masks.

I first meet Juan, longer than I care to mention, both working for a company supplying the biggest retailers in South Africa. Even then, you can tell he was destined for greatness. I asked Juan a couple questions, so you can get to know him and adore him as much as we do. If you have any questions, post them in the comments and we will get an answer. 


Tanya: What would you say your biggest achievements are?
Juan: There is still so much that I would like to achieve as a designer and as a brand! I would say that my biggest achievement is to have established my brand and to keep growing and expanding so I can support and uplift local talent.


Tanya: Tell me who Juan William Aria is as an individual and what do you stand for?
Juan: I am a passionate and driven person that pours my heart and soul into every garment or project. As a brand we stand for embracing and empowering woman through making them feel and look their best!

Tanya: What are the key drivers of your design philosophy?
Juan: Comfort and fit is the basis of our design philosophy. If a garment fits impeccably and feels comfortable you shine in it. Our brand is for the modern woman that wants to look and feel her best.

Tanya: We know you've worked with some incredible people, can you name drop a few?
Juan: I have so many amazing clients that I have been working with for years and value their support so we can grow and expand our brand. Some of the ladies you might have heard of are:
Anele Mdoda – Television and Radio personality
Zozibini Tunzi – Miss South Africa (2019), Miss Universe (2019)
Demi-Leigh Tebow (neé Nel-Peters) – Miss South Africa (2017), Miss Universe (2017)
Dr Adé van Heerden – Miss South Africa (2017)
Dr Tamaryn Green – Miss South Africa (2018)

Juan William Aria with Anele Mdoda - curAtiv

Tanya: Who inspires you?
Juan: My inspiration is never ending and so many different things inspires me personally and creatively. On a personal level I get inspired by my clients that are all amazing, strong, and empowering woman that pushes me to want to do and be better. Creatively my biggest source of inspiration is textiles, colours and prints. When a look at a piece of fabric I can envision what I want to create and who I want to create it for.

Tanya: What excites you about the future?
Juan: The fact that it is new, unknown, and ever changing. There is constant opportunity for growth, improvement and upliftment.


We are so grateful, we are working together again on our Face Masks, you can see everything that Juan mentions above is in the work he produces.

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