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Best earrings for your face shape

Best earrings for your face shape

Often we are told what is trendy and hot for various seasons but left clueless as to what to shop to best suit our bodies, let alone our face shape. But honey, we are here for you! First things first, do you know your face shape?

Round Face 

To break the circle, go for square/rectangle earrings. Long and slim pendants also work well to elongate your face.  And at all costs, avoid hoops.


1. Camden Clear Resin Drop Earrings
2. Kent Natural Stone Drops
3. Hong Kong Pearl Drop Earrings



Oval Face

Almost all types of earrings suits the oval shaped face. But should you be a long/slim oval, then consider long but wide earrings to add width to your face.


Triangle/Heart Face

Because the top part of your face is wider, you would want to create more volume under your ears with long earrings, which become wider at the bottom.


Square Face

Rounded earrings, like the hoop is very flattering. You could do the traditional, thick or colourful hoop. Should you prefer a pendent, rather opt for ones that hang closer to your ear lope to avoid accentuating your jawline.

Diamond Face 

This face shape is perfect for long and huge statement earrings. Very similar styles suited for the heart shaped face works for the diamond shape too.

1. Eden Two Tone Asymmetrical Earrings
2. Tokyo Beaded Flower Statement Earrings
3. Florence 3 Tier Hoops 

We hope this helped you and gave you the confidence you need to rock those earrings, which best suit, your face shape!

This blog was written by the amazing Loren Lee Langenhoven, she is the brains, beauty and style goddess at Check them out for some more amazing content and information on all things fashion related!

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