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NN Style Cartel colab


It's amazing how paths cross, NN Style Cartel is an amazing collaboration that produced the most amazing fruits for us. We are so grateful that our paths crossed with Nomthandazo. We thought we would re-blog her article here.



I must say I am definitely one of those women that prefer to add statement jewelry pieces to complete my look, and statement could be very particular and so in my case it is VERY PARTICULAR.

When I look for a statement piece, I look for something unique, bold, playful, artsy and made in small quantities because I really enjoy wearing something rare, it makes me feel magical. So my latest finding, that really found me, is the pieces by Curativ. When this brand proposed a collaboration, I didn’t think twice, I fell right in love with their work and it was also mostly because I hadn’t seen their work, which goes back to my love for having a rare piece of jewelry in my styling space.

Curativ makes jewelry for the brave and bold, I am talking about mismatch earrings that drape to unique lengths and hand accessories. What I also like about their pieces is that they can be dressed down or up and will still add a statement to either look. Their packaging is not only nice and simple but also very durable, and can be kept to store your jewelry in or even used for travel.

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