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The Perfect Christmas Gift


ACTUALLY! Whether you are shopping for your BFF or your girlfriend, there is no such thing as a perfect gift. The only person who could choose something that your loved one or friend would be 100% happy with, is them. But don’t worry! What really matters is the thought and time that you have put into the gift, and I already know that by reading this article, you really care about this person and you want them to be completely happy when they open their present.

So, I am here to help you get as close to perfection as possible.

First step to reaching as close to perfection as possible is; don’t wait until the last minute to do the shopping – like the 24th December! It will only end up being a mad rush to the shops to try and find something that’s not out of stock with very little thought behind it. This can only end up in disappointment. Even if you have something in mind, it will probably be out of stock or the wrong size. 

Secondly, start your planning around the first week of December and make sure that if you are going to shop online, that you place your order by the 10th December to allow sufficient time for delivery (there is nothing worse than receiving the gift after Christmas!). Shopping online is a great way to avoid going near those crazy malls, but you need to plan ahead.

Third step is to really pay attention to what she is saying she wants and what she is wearing. If she says she really likes something or says she really needs something, take notes. If you want to buy her something she will wear, start noticing what she is wearing. Trends and style change all the time, so what you thought she liked last year may not be the case this year. If you are wanting to buy her jewellery, take note on her preferences. Is she currently wearing necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets? What metal colour is she wearing, gold or silver? And, does she prefer more classic everyday styling, dainty artistic pieces or does she like to change up her style all the time with fashion statement pieces – if so what colours does she tend stick to?

Use Instagram as a tool to see what she is interested in. Which brands she is following and maybe they have a local website you can purchase from?

Lastly, subtly get her opinion on gift ideas. Suggest something for a friend as a gift and watch her reaction. If she genuinely loves it, then she probably would love it for herself. If she’s not interested, then forget about it.

Here are some gift ideas

For a classic timeless look

curAtiv gift ideas

1. Singapore Two Tone Necklace

2. Ashbury 14k Gold Plated Woven Hoops

3. Cheyenne Adjustable Bracelet

Opt for a beautiful minimalist look with our twisted Cheyenne bracelet, available both in gold or silver, depending on her taste. Or if she is a big fan of hoops, our 14k gold plated Ashbury hoops are the perfect unique yet classic hoop.

curAtiv Pearls

1. Istanbul Drop Earrings

2. Hong Kong Fresh Water Pearl Earrings

3. Hyderabad Pearl Hoops

You can’t go wrong with a classic pearl. Opt for a more classic look with our Hyderabad glass pearl hoop or venture into freshwater pearls with our beautiful and unique Hong Kong and Istanbul drops

She loves nature and locally made, artistic pieces

curAtiv Chris Bladen

Chris Bladen Collection

She’s the type of girl who loves to spend her weekends at markets, supporting local communities and/ or spends most of her time outdoors in nature. Chris Bladen’s handmade mini sculptured birds and sea creatures are made from either bronze or silver. Finished off with a silver chain, they make the most exquisite gifts.

She’s a little bit adventurous with her style and not afraid to try new things

curAtiv Gifting ideas

1. Verona Resin Drops

2. Aurora Statement Necklace

3. Zaire Geometric Freshwater Pearl Earrings

These styles are perfect for a girl who is not afraid to wear colour or to dress up an outfit with an interesting, statement accessory. However, jewellery is a very personal choice so I would test the waters and get her opinion (obvs for a friend) first before confirming your purchase

curAtiv Present ideas

1. Havana Woven Hoops

2. Accra Natural Stone Drops

3. Taylor Clear Resin Statement Earrings

If she loves statement pieces but is a little more laid back, opt for toned down neutrals and natural elements such as raffia, rope and natural stones such as in the above pieces.

Hope that this guide will help you find the gift you are looking for to spoil your special someone. If you are looking for any more advice, please feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to assist you where I can. Xx Tanya

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