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Ways to wear your evening earrings during the day

Fashionistas know that accessorising with jewellery can take an outfit from plain and basic to one that stands out and gets noticed. There are "rules" or guidelines when it comes to selecting the correct jewellery for specific occasions but honestly, there are times we just need to throw the rule book out and take risks to set new trends.

"Only dead fish go with the flow".

Don't be a dead fish!

Here are a few ways you can pair your evening earrings to suit your day time activities.

1. Keep it basic

One way to dress up a basic white tee is by popping on some cool earrings. We’ve paired gold statement earrings with a basic tee and neutral pants in the image below, but you can literally pop on almost ANY bold, sparkly or colourful earrings with this look


Style By Loren wearing curAtiv Raleigh Earrings

Raleigh Foil Statement Earrings

2. One-tone dressing

You cannot go wrong with an all-black outfit. But, push the boundaries a bit further and wear your mono tone outfit with your evening earrings and to make it more casual than formal, wear casual shoes. This is another accessory to help dress your outfit up or down, but hey... that is a blog for another day!


Style By Loren wearing Eden curAtiv earrings

Eden Two Tone Asymmetrical Earrings

3. Quirky and cute

Remember when you were a little girl? Bling and cute things always called your name and you would literally pair them together as if there is no tomorrow. Well, some of us were not like that, but let's pretend your were. That is exactly the attitude you should have to pull of the next suggestion. Pair your blingy evening earring with something quirky or cutish


Style By Loren wearing Colorado Natural Stone Earrings

Colorado Druzy Drop Earrings



I dare you to break the rules and create your own. 

Happy Styling



This blog was written by the amazing Loren lee Langenhoven. Check out her incredible talents at www.stylebyloren.co.za

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This is awesome. I have always preferred to wear nobs bad short earrings now I see long and creative ones really go well with either anjean or dress.


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