Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are natural pearls, that have been farmed, each pearl will vary in size and shape. Freshwater pearls may also have blemishes, marks on or chipping or an incomplete/ uneven top layer.

Freshwater Pearls are cultured and because of their man-made background, are able to be utilized in different ways. Pearl Farmers insert a small piece of shell into the oyster or mussel they want, which is opposed to how some oysters naturally respond to an irritant. This irritates the mollusk into producing natural nacre around the foreign substance and result is a pearl. The Freshwater Pearl, because it has a shell center, has the same luster and shape as a saltwater pear. Since it is manmade, farmers can insert a custom shape that they would like and simply wait for the mussel to create the natural nacre around it.

Some of the inner shell may show on some pearls. Because they are naturally grown, the pearls have imperfections. In order to reduce waste and wasteful farming, we do not discard any pearls.

If you are unhappy with your purchase due to this, we are able to provide a full refund minus the courier cost for the return.

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