Ring Sizing


How to take your ring size at home

The best way to get an accurate finger size is to visit a jeweller in your closest mall and ask them to measure it for you with their special ring sizing tool. But if you can’t get to a store then the best way to do it from home is to take a piece of non-stretchable string, dental floss or a thin piece or wire and wrap it around the finger you want to measure. Use a marker and at the spot where the wire or string overlaps make a mark on both pieces.

Take the string/wire and lay it flat along the edge of a ruler, measuring from pen mark to pen mark. This will give you the inner circumference for the ring. Use this measurement to compare it to the accompanying chart below and send us your size as a letter.

Disclaimer: we unfortunately cannot be held responsible for sizes which are taken incorrectly; rings will be made to the size given and any adjustments made after the fact will be charged for.

 South African Size

 Inner Diameter  (mm) Inner Circumference (cm)
G 14.5 4.55
G 1/2 14.96 4.69
I 15.28 4.8
J 15.60 4.9
K 15.92 5
K 1/2 16.23 5.1
L 16.55 5.19
M 16.87 5.29
N 17.19 5.4
O 17.61 5.5
O 1/2 17.03 5.3
P 18.14 5.69
Q 18.46 5.7
R 18.78 5.89
S 19.10 6
S 1/2 19.42 6.1
T 19.74 6.2
U 20 6.28
V 20.40 6.4
X 21.2 6.6
Y 21.6 6.7
Z 21.80 6.84


Please feel free to email us at info@curativ.co.za if you are not sure and we will be happy to help.